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Our hospital was built in1982Years5Month,Formerly known as wuxi mechanical industry design and research institute。2002Years6Renamed the wuxi industrial building design and research institute。2000Years8As the first pilot unit institution reform in wuxi city,Restructuring to become a independent business、Self-sustaining share cooperation enterprise co., LTD。2004Years5Months after the second reform,A formal restructuring for architectural design and research institute co., LTD. Wuxi industrial enterprise。My company is in wuxi city、The civilization advanced units,In jiangsu provinceAAAEngineering consulting unit level。A member of the Chinese association of machinery industry survey and design,Member of the survey and design institute of jiangsu province,Jiangsu province engineering consulting association governing units,Wuxi city survey and design institute vice director of the unit。

The company's existing engineering consulting class a qualification certificate issued by the state、Construction engineering design class-a qualification certificate、Machinery industry engineering design class a qualification certificate、Construction supervision class b qualification certificates。

The company's service based in jiangsu province,Facing the whole country,Business has been involved in more than 10 domestic provinces and cities。Mainly engaged in the architectural design of the project、The feasibility study report、Project application report and other preparation work and engineering project management...

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